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Shanxi Profile

Overview of Shanxi Province

Situated in the middle of China, Shanxi has a total area of 156,700 square kilometers and a total population of about 37 million. Shanxi consists of 11 directly-managed cities and 117 county-level administrative bodies. Taihang Mountains and Lvliang Mountains stand in the east and in the west, respectively. The Yellow River surges in the south, and the Great Wall stretches in the north. Therefore, Shanxi is always famous for strategic location and difficulty in access. As it largely stands to the west of Taihang Mountains and to the east of the Yellow River, “Shanxi” is hence named after. In the ancient times, it was called as “Hedong”. From 770 BC to 476 BC, it was within jurisdiction of Jin State. For this reason, Shanxi is also referred to as “Jin” nowadays. In 403 BC, Han Family, Zhao Family and Wei Family carved up Jin State. Shanxi is also known as “Sanjin”.

Shanxi is an important new-type energy and industrial base in China. Available resource reserve of coal totals over 270 billion tons, proven geological reserve of coalbed methane totals nearly 580 billion cubic meters, and available resource reserves of bauxite, refractory clay and magnesium ore respectively rank first in China. Advanced production capacity of coal accounts for 57% ...