Approach Shanxi, and you will understand it. Embrace Shanxi, and you may find the roots of Chinese nation. Keep Shanxi in your memory, and you will be spellbound by its...
New women's labor rights laws in north China's Shanxi Province will give women undergoing menopause the right to ask their employers to adjust their work to better suit their conditions.
I couldn’t forget the moments that I’ve spent in Wangmang Mountain. I would say it was like a dreamland, an extraordinary place to view mountains and forests of pine covered with clouds.
12 25,2018
A ceremony was held to mark the start of knocked-down (KD) production by Shanxi Victory Auto Co in Brazil on Dec 15, the company's first KD project in South America.
10 30,2018
Over 1,000 kinds of overseas products, including French wine, Japanese beauty masks and Argentinian seafood, will be more easily accessible to Shanxi residents after the Shanxi Import and Export Brand Products Exhibition Center opened to th
08 29,2018
A summit on e-commerce innovation was held in Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone in Taiyuan on Aug 25.
06 15,2018
Two workers of Railway Transit Equipment Co, a subsidiary of Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co based in Taiyuan, check train wheels which will be exported to India, June 8. Seizing opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative, the company
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