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Student shows love for ‘second home’

Source: Time: 23 07,2021

Passy Charies Riseph, a student at Shanxi University

Many overseas students in Shanxi province have gained a better understanding of the province and China. This section named Shanxi in the Eyes of Foreign Students will tell their stories from the province and share what Shanxi looks like from their perspectives, giving accounts of the local environment, customs and culture, as well as their personal experiences.

My name is Passy Charies Riseph. I’m an international student from the Republic of the Congo, and I’ve found my second home at Taiyuan, Shanxi’s capital.

Shanxi has deeply impressed me with its culture, surroundings, scenery and especially its enthusiastic people—all these things have made me feel at home.

Majoring in business management, I am now studying for a master’s degree at Shanxi University. Studying in China has always been my dream.

The rapid development of China has aroused my curiosity. In addition to acquiring knowledge, I also want to learn about the country’s authentic culture and customs, so as to better understand China.

I have been studying in Taiyuan for two years. At the beginning, I was worried about how to adapt to this new place. But I became attached to the city quickly, as if had been living here for years. I was very surprised by the warm-hearted Shanxi people. No matter where I go, I feel welcomed, just like a movie star, which makes me feel the warmth of home.

Studying at Shanxi University is a pleasant experience, and the teachers and students are friendly. The school has given us opportunities to show our talent. I took part in an art performance and the I Love You China recitation held by the university and won awards in the activities.

To a foreign student like me, Shanxi’s culture is unique. Here I visited Shanxi Museum, Shanxi Bronze Museum and the scenic Fenhe River Park. I went to Jinci Temple, the imperial family temple of for the Jin Kingdom (1033 BC-AD 376) where I experienced the history and culture of different dynasties and learned about long-standing tales and cultural relics.

What is even more impressive to me is Shanxi’s mountains, rivers and beautiful natural scenery. In Shanxi, the nature and the city are mixed, and the climate is very pleasant. People can enjoy blue sky and white clouds every day in the city.

When it comes to Shanxi cuisine, it’s a paradise for me because there are so many delicacies I like to try. The local characteristic food, like daoxiaomian, or knife-cut noodles, is something that represents Shanxi culture. And Shanxi people cook the best daoxiaomian.

I would like to show my sincere thanks to my teachers and classmates at Shanxi University for their love and help, for the joy and happiness Shanxi has given me, and for the hospitality and care that the warm-hearted Shanxi people have shown to me.

Wherever I go in the future, my heart will always be with Shanxi.

The author is a student from the Republic of the Congo, who studies at the School of International Education and Exchange at Shanxi University.

By Passy Charies Riseph