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Shanxi boosts health care industry

Source: Time: 12 05,2022

Shanxi province in North China will promote the high-quality development of its health care industry and build itself into an important health care destination in the country, according to a statement by the Shanxi Civil Affairs Department on May 8.

Relying on advantages in terms of location, nature, culture, tourism and traditional Chinese medicine, the province will introduce private capital, expand the supply of health care products, incubate health care industry clusters, and establish a health care service system that covers the entire life cycle, takes various forms and has a sound structure.

A group of key health care enterprises in the province will receive government support. By 2025, Shanxi aims to develop at least 20 health care enterprises of a certain scale.

Based on its location near the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Shanxi will seek to attract more State-owned enterprises in the senior care sector to set up branches in the province, and introduce more well-known domestic insurance and health care companies to invest in the province.

Shanxi will give full play to the Taiyuan metropolitan circle and the Datong-Shuozhou and Changzhi-Jincheng health care industry areas to develop health care integrated with hot spring leisure, sports, traditional Chinese medicine, and rural tourism.

By 2025, the province is expected to develop 20 health-care-themed towns and demonstration areas, 50 health care communities and 200 health care villages.