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Improvements on way across many socioeconomic fronts

Source: Shanxi daily Time: 25 03,2022

After attending the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,which were held in Beijing from March 4-11,deputies and delegates from Shanxi province are harnessing the spirit of the two sessions to guide their work on various socioeconomic fronts.

Most of the deputies and delegates returned to their home province on March 12.

Zhang Hongxiang,an NPC deputy from the Shanxi county of Youyu,said the Government Work Report's proposal on agriculture and rural affairs is the most inspiring for him.

Zhang operates an intelligent animal husbandry business in Youyu.

He said that boosting agricultural production and promoting all-around rural revitalization remain the highlights of this year's Government Work Report.

"The report requires the redoubling of efforts to develop and apply scientific and technological breakthroughs in agriculture,and to upgrade agricultural machinery and equipment,"Zhang said."This is exactly what we are doing on our farms and we will continue our efforts in this field."

Zhang,who had worked outside Youyu for many years,returned to his home village of Zhangqianhuling in 2012.He founded his animal husbandry business in the same year,focusing on raising sheep.

"Sheep farming is a traditional industry in Youyu,"Zhang said."In my childhood memories,almost every household in the village herded sheep,but people couldn't make much money from that back then."

Zhang,who is now the village chief of Zhangqianhuling,said he later realized the lack of modern farming technologies and management models was the major bottleneck hindering the industry's development.

"We are now equipping our local farmers with modern technologies and new operating ideas."

Zhang said that his own business has brought almost the entire industrial chain all under one roof,from growing grass,raising sheep,butchery,sales and catering.He added that such modes of operation have created considerable added value for farmers.

"One of our modern,organic farms in the village,which covers about 1,200 hectares,has an annual output of 20,000 sheep and can generate 100 million yuan($15.67 million)a year in revenue,"Zhang said.

Zhang's solutions for modernizing local farms include a digital-controlled irrigation system for pastures,satellite positioning devices for sheep,science-based nutritional feed,automated meat processing and sales through e-commerce.

The company he operates is an agricultural cooperative in nature,involving the participation of more than 1,000 households.

Wang Yue,71,said he and his wife have worked for the company for about eight years.Their annual net income is about 60,000 yuan per person.

According to Zhang,the average income of families in the village of Zhangqianhuling has increased by four or five times over the years since the company's establishment.

Zhang has ambitious plans for the future,which include expanding his farmland to nearly 15,000 hectares,building a massive spray irrigation system,greening the land in the neighborhood,building solar farms and developing a sightseeing and recreational tourism destination.

Zhang's views on modernizing the local agricultural industry are in tune with those of Hao Xu,another NPC deputy.

Board chairman of Landun Xumei Food,based in Taiyuan,Hao said farming modernization and expanding the industrial chain are crucial solutions for agricultural development and rural revitalization.

Landun Xumei is engaged in the potato industry.Its extensive industrial chain ranges from seedling cultivation,plantation,processing and logistics to sales and marketing.

According to Hao,one of the company's recent moves has been to tap into the deep processing of potatoes.

"We are developing medicines,skin care and health products by extracting multiple and high-purity ingredients from potatoes,"Hao said.

Xu Xiaohong,another NPC deputy from Shanxi,is the president of Shanxi Normal University.

As a deputy from the education sector,she is promoting educational equity and the improvement of the quality of education.

"The Government Work Report promises to improve the fairness and quality of education,and promotes high-quality,well-balanced development and the urban-rural integration of compulsory education,"Xu said.

The deputy said Shanxi Normal University is expected to play a role in these regards by providing more assistance to students from rural and low-income families,and mobilizing all possible resources to build the school into one of the first-class normal universities in China.

In addition to NPC deputies and CPPCC National Committee members,residents and officials in Shanxi have shown keen interest in the Government Work Report.

Guo Jianping,an official at Shanxi Agricultural University,said his school can play a role in promoting rural revitalization.

"We are making and will continue to make contributions to rural revitalization by training farmers in modern skills and offering technological support for agricultural development,"Guo said.

Li Xin,an executive at Changzhi Power Generation,a subsidiary of Shanxi's coal-mining and energy giant Jinneng Holding Group,said he feels encouraged by the Government Work Report's proposal on the core competitiveness of manufacturing and the digital economy.

"The report promises to advance the digitalization of industries,and build smart cities and digital villages,"Li said."We are proud that our company and our parent company Jinneng Holding are among those in Shanxi promoting 5G-connected and intelligent operations."

Tashan Coal Mine,another subsidiary of Jinneng Holding Group,was one of the earliest mining companies in Shanxi to develop smart mining.The company's operations,ranging from coal cutting to conveying,are now fully automated with the help of various digital devices,according to company executives.

  Wu Jia contributed to this story.

  By Yuan Shenggao